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The Swiss ambassador to Iran accused of “betrayed” the protest movement in that country, after she appeared dressed in a black chador during her visit to a holy Muslim site, accompanied by Iranian clerics.

Switzerland’s foreign ministry dismissed the criticism, pointing out that Ambassador Nadine Olivieri Lozzano was wearing appropriate attire, as required by protocol, for visiting holy sites.

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Earlier, Iranian media released photos of Lozano, covered from head to toe in a black chador, next to turbaned clerics during her visit to the holy city of Qom.

The Swiss ambassador (…) wears a chador and goes to the mosque with the mullahs”, commented Belgian MP Daria Safai, who played an important role in organizing demonstrations in Europe in support of the protesters in Iran.

Since mid-September, large protests have been organized across Iran, following the death of 22-year-old Mahsha Amini, who was arrested by the morality police for not following the strict dress code.

Among other things, the protesters were calling for the repeal of the law that makes it mandatory for women to wear headscarves when in public.

Iranian authorities claim that hundreds of people, including dozens of members of the security forces, have been killed in these protests. Thousands of others, including artists, lawyers and journalists, have been arrested.

While millions of Iranian women fight for women’s rights knowing that thousands of them were killed for it, she wears a hijab and advertises the oppressors. It’s disgusting!Safai added in a post on Twitter.

“The ambassador of Switzerland in a conservative, religious garb that covers her completely, while the courageous Iranian women risk everything for freedom. It’s exactly what he shouldn’t have done,” commented actress and activist Nazanin Boniadi.

Masih Alinejad, a dissident living in the US, estimated that Lozano’s clothing choices constitute “treason” against Iranian women.