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The unanimous decision was a setback for Mr. Tsipras and SYRIZA. It is to be expected that he is in extreme confusion, commented to SKAI the government representative Yannis Oikonomou, referring to the comment of SYRIZA that the decision of the Special Court is respected, but whether it is fair is judged by the citizens.

On the occasion of Mr. Tsipras’s recent statement that “fortunately there are still judges in Athens”, Mr. Oikonomou wondered: Do we respect the independence of the judiciary or not, will Mr. Tsipras take political responsibility? Will he delete Mr. Pappa from the ballot papers and SYRIZA?”

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As he clarified, every time a newspaper mentions a complaint about a ND executive, without evidence and without a court decision, SYRIZA immediately requests the removal of the specific executive.

Now – Mr. Economou added – we have a judgment of justice. Is it possible that Mr. Tsipras has not already removed from his party a man who was found guilty 13-0 and not because a hoodlum or a headline said so?

The government representative noted that the decision of the Special Court is an unpleasant mark on political history, but mainly on the SYRIZA government.

For the debate

“The government is open to holding a debate both between Mr. Mitsotakis and Tsipras, as well as among all political leaders, the government representative also emphasized.

He clarified that when the election is called, this is something that will be discussed in the cross-party committee.

Mr. Economou did not mention a specific election date.

However, he noted that they are getting closer, while announcing that the cabinet meeting will be held at the end of next week.