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“Nikos Pappas did exactly his duty. He organized the television landscape and brought money to the public coffers”, said the press representative of SYRIZA-PS, Popi Tsapanidou, and added that “the Patsides, Heimares, Mrs. Nikolaou are damaging the State, throwing parties with public money”.

“Until then there was no framework, terms and conditions in the television landscape, that’s what Nikos Pappas did, while he also brought money to the State and guaranteed jobs. Usually the Special Courts go to people who have misused public money, who have taken bribes… With Mr. Pappa, the exact opposite happened, he did not take money, on the contrary, he brought money with the competition for television licenses. Those who have channels paid for the frequencies, which they never did in the past,” noted Popi Tsapanidou.

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Referring to the decision of the Special Court, she argued: “This decision concerns a misdemeanor for breach of duty, for a man who did his duty. The decisions of the Court are respected, but we have the right to judge them. This is, after all, a political indictment, an indictment that was set up by the governing majority of the ND in Parliament.”

Responding to the government’s criticism, he repeated: “Mr. Mitsotakis probably judges other people’s affairs on his own, Alexis Tsipras is not Mitsotakis to be “held” by someone. Nikos Pappas will participate in the elections and will be judged by society. On the other hand, we are constantly watching revelations about ND people, parliamentarians and government officials, about embezzlement of public money, we see direct assignments of millions of euros. We see the Patsides, Mr. Heimaras, Mrs. Nikolaou. From the side of SYRIZA, the only “bag” that existed is the 37 billion, the “cushion” created by the SYRIZA government, on which the country relied to move forward.

In closing he asserted: “In this election we will be first and we will be able to form a progressive government, taking the country to the next day with political change.”