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With thousands of visitors Kalavryta for the three days and in the Kalavryta ski center the inseparable.

The ideal weather conditions combined with the three-day event, made many go to Kalavryta and enjoy everything they have to offer.

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100% Fullness in Kalavryta

“Occupancies reach 100% in our area, starting from tomorrow Friday until Clean Monday” the president of the Association of Hoteliers and Tourist Accommodations of Kalavryta Konstantinos Dafalias points out to thebest.gr. it is difficult and if one is found it will be from a last minute cancellation” he adds.


Events in Dafni and Kleitoria

In the Municipal Units of Kleitoria and Paion, the focus of the carnival events for the Municipality of Kalavryta, with the established parades at 12 noon on Sunday, February 26 in Kleitoria and Dafni respectively, under the organization of the Cultural Association of Kleitoria and the Dafnia Association of Athens and Piraeus and under the auspices of the Municipality of Kalavryta.


As every year, all the events organized in the Municipality of Kalavryta during the Carnival period are dominated by fun, satire, the large participation of the citizens, the imaginative disguises and carnival constructions as well as the large number of visitors who participate in the carnival events and dances.