By Antonis Anzoletou

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Sundays have become “nightmares” for SYRIZA. A week ago, Pavlos Polakis set as a condition to be on the ballot himself the participation of his friend, former politician Michalis Hairetakis. The “emptying” of Alexis Tsipras and the exit door opened for him by the party was, as everything shows, the first act of a stormy relationship that will not end well.

His new post targeting high-ranking judges and journalists with their photos and the threats that we should “clean up from them” are outside the party’s values, Koumoundourou said. “The path he chose to take has no return,” say close associates of Alexis Tsipras, adding that the president “has made his decisions.”

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In fact, the leader of the main opposition did not take long to announce his intention to refer him to the Ethics Committee of the party, as the main SKAI news bulletin had broadcast since Sunday evening. That’s what the president will ask at Tuesday’s Executive Bureau meeting. By speeding up the procedures and showing his intentions, he already proceeded to his “caratomization” from the head of Transparency. His place is occupied by Yiannis Ragousis.

What played a role in the immediate reaction of the president of SYRIZA? The new post by Pavlos Polakis which clarified that the decisions will be made by the bodies of Koumoundourou. The Political Secretariat and the Central Committee. In a critical pre-election period in the official opposition they want their meetings to focus on the ballots and the pre-election fight and not to be “torpedoed”.

The developments during the week will be dense, as the deletion of an MP is not a familiar procedure in the party. According to secure information, Alexis Tsipras, in conversations he had with his close associates, appeared determined not to take a step back.

The other point of Mr. Polakis’s post, which focuses on SYRIZA, is the programming platform he chose to download. They talk about proposals that are not included in the program of the official opposition and they see an attempt by the former deputy minister of health to answer the interview of Alexis Tsipras on “PROTO THEMA” about what the second time with SYRIZA in the government will be like.

“It will be different because now we have the experience and we know what we have to do to defend the interests of Greek society even better,” said Mr. Tsipras and added: “We will come to overthrow the client state. They told us that we were a government of changelings and they doubled and increased their salaries by 30%. The “excellent” turned out to be the “liked” after all. So we want a government which will clash with this mentality. Cut the party-state umbilical cord and a party-cooperation government can do this even better. We will come to create institutions of accountability and control, to stop this history of bribery and favoritism, to restore a rudimentary sense of meritocracy”. These references of the former prime minister have nothing to do with what Pavlos Polakis proposes, Koumoundourou points out.

Well-informed sources told that the decision of the MP of Chania had been made. Not to back down, that is, in relation to the non-participation of Michalis Hairetakis in the ballots. So what he was looking for, they argue, was a “heroic exit”. The announcement of SYRIZA noted that “SYRIZA has always operated collectively and thus shaped and shapes its policy. The political conflict with the Mitsotakis regime and those who represent it does not take place in terms of a personal crusade but with a plan, institutional seriousness and determination. It is not an individual affair but a collective task and strategy.”