“Regarding today’s announcement by Mr. Ragousis, it is positive that it was finally understood that there is nothing illegal in the reassignment of the station master, as her official change occurred with the issuance of Official Gazette 1549/G/30.6.2022, while the Karamanlis Ministerial Decision had already been issued by May 30 of the same year” states the Ministry of the Interior in its response.

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“Secondly, Mr. Ragousis, changing the basis of his criticism of the Government today, since it has now become obvious that there is no question of legitimacy, claims that the specific Ministerial Decision was fraudulently issued. The answer is: Obviously not.

“Because what kind of fraud can there be when 18 positions are advertised and only two are paid? There was a surplus of demand and not supply, so that there was a need for a rusfetological solution. OSE was asking for employees to relocate and no one was interested. Who should be bribed and why?” reports the Ministry of the Interior.

“Finally, it is worth noting in any case that the age limits set for new recruits and not for transferees are not age limits after which the provision of work ceases, but age limits for recruitment. Obviously, the newly hired, with whatever age limit, continue to work until their retirement, without any question of their physical ability to provide work” concludes the Ministry of Education.