Her Penelope Galliou

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The undeniably heavy climate that prevails in public opinion afterwards the accident in Tempeis also reflected within the government, which has set two non-negotiable priorities: the full and absolutely transparent investigation of the systemic causes that led to the unspeakable tragedy – beyond the human error investigated by the judiciary – and the taking of immediately applicable measures to improve the railway safety.

The first indication of the immediate findings and actions that will follow from the government’s side is expected to be given tomorrow, Wednesday, during the press conference that will be given by the Minister of State responsible for Transport, Giorgos Gerapetritis, who performed an autopsy in Larissa yesterday and in Thessaloniki today. at the scene of the tragedy in Tempi, but also in transport infrastructure.

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The government’s clear position is that the clarification of every aspect of this case is imperative for reasons both institutional and social and “in this context, all initiatives and procedures are initiated in order for Greek society to receive answers for everything, with validity and with documentation” commented a government official.

And the government representative, moreover, emphasized that there is no “no disposition to beautify the situation, not even during the period of our own government. When did we not hide? Not even now are we hiding” noting that pursuit is “a cool and responsible assessment. We pursue the truth with all sincerity. The Government guarantees that ample light will be shed on every dimension of the event, because this is the minimum we owe to the victims, their families, but also to Greek society. Any responsibilities will be assigned. And at the same time, it is our duty to do everything necessary to prevent such a tragic event from happening again” assured Yannis Oikonomou during the briefing of the political editors.

At the same time during the meeting of the Council of Ministers on Thursday there will be an update from Giorgos Gerapetritis on the issues of the tragic accident, while it is expected to discuss institutional movements and interventions imposed on matters that must be done immediately.

According to government sources, the prime minister is expected to focus on the need to fully investigate the circumstances of the tragedy and those that led to it, and at the same time ensure that the process of granting compensation to the families of the victims of the tragic accident will proceed immediately.

Although it was originally planned, the prime minister is no longer expected to make any reference to the minimum wage, as the government does not want to appear to the public that it is trying to change the current affairs agenda.

Consequently, for the immediate period of time, the government’s targeting will exclusively concern the accident in Tempe and everything related to it. Inside her SW they differ on whether they should be held on its – until now – locked date April 9th or they must be “removed” in time from the tragic accident of Tempe.

In any case, the decisions will be taken by the prime minister himself.