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“Mr. Economou, it would be good if he felt the grief experienced by the families of the victims and the collective trauma of society, instead of looking for responsibility everywhere, except for the government”, says the representative of SYRIZA-PS, Popi Tsapanidou in response to announcement of the government representative commenting on the interview of Alexis Tsipras on Mega.

Then Mrs. Tsapanidou states: “And Mr. Mitsotakis, should understand that he has been governing the country for four years and that he cannot be unaware or unaware every time a tragic event occurs, or every time his policies lead to serious consequences it’s someone else’s fault. Finally, the “old trade unionists, who are trying to keep the Greek state captive to its worst times”, as Mr. Oikonomou says, are the people who for years warned the government of Mr. Mitsotakis, with lawsuits and strikes, that there was a serious security issue of the railway, while Mr. Karamanlis appeared morally offended, insisting that he was ashamed that the issue of passenger safety was raised, up to ten days before the accident where 57 of our fellow human beings were lost”.