Concluding his visit to Eastern Crete, the president of PASOK-KINAL, Nikos Androulakis, had contacts at the Lasithi Chamber with productive entities, reiterating one of the goals of the faction which, as he said, is to stand in the way of the de-Hellenization of the economy.

Mr. Androulakis was informed by the productive bodies from the field of entrepreneurship, workers, tourism, health, farmers, self-government, etc., issues related to the consequences of the pandemic and the energy crisis, which have created as they said a “suffocating environment” within which they are called upon to survive and create.

“The money should go to those who cannot borrow from the banks and not to the powerful who have liquidity but want cheaper money” said Mr. Androulakis who spoke about the existing model saying that it is a model “which does not give many opportunities to the people who struggle and struggle”.

The president of PASOK-KINAL reiterated regarding work, also on the occasion of the minimum wage, that what is required is “good jobs of a permanent nature, with a good salary” so that “the new generation does not leave Greece and they return in the country those who left in previous years”.

“There are debts of billions of euros in the banks and the public sector” said Mr. Androulakis adding that the funds “took a large part of the loans”, adding that they “behave like hoarse crows” while for the banks he pointed out that “they have speculated”, having even received billions and “they must show a face of social consensus” as Europe, as he explained, gave money “for small and medium enterprises” in order to “borrow with other criteria”.

Nikos Androulakis reiterated elements of the faction’s economic plan, the need to give 10% of the Recovery Fund for health, even saying that strengthening the National Health System is a priority, as in Greece, as he noted, “the second largest expenditures are recorded in private health in Europe”.

He also referred to energy, the “dependence” as he said on natural gas, RES and the need to invest in the network and not, as he emphasized, in the “business game in the hands of large multinationals”.

Mr. Androulakis also referred to the “paradox” he described of tourism, repeating that despite the millions of visitors every year there is a great lack of human resources, with the representatives from tourism and not only asking for “work allowances and not unemployment” .

Regarding the VAT, which he described as an “unfair and horizontal tax”, he said that it should be reduced, but “with measurable criteria”.

Finally, the president of PASOK-KINAL said that “the deep state has a name, Mitsotakis. Dimitriadis, Maximou”.

Against the backdrop of the wiretapping, he said that “instead of hunting agents who, as we read, got away with, they are hunting political opponents, parliamentarians and army officers”.