Schenkefeld: “The championship will be a great reward for our world”!


Excited for what he experiences with his jersey Panathinaikou and determined to celebrate more successes with him appeared Bart Schenkefeld.

In an interview with the Dutch newspaper “AD”, the stopper of the “greens” spoke about the… extreme emotions where the world lives football in Greece and the huge love which he collects from the friends of the group.

So he pointed out that it couldn’t exist greater reward for them from his conquest championship (after last year’s Cup).

Schenkefeld’s interview in detail

“From Feyenoord, via Australia, to life as a Greek god: O Bart Schenkefeld had injury problems in Holland but overcame them too flourished abroad.

He noticed it immediately after his conquest Cup with Panathinaikos last summer. Of course, people on the street recognize him after four years of playing football in the top team of Athens. But now it is even more excitedwith the prospect of the championship immediately following the Cup after eight years.

“All summer we were Panathinaikos players like a kind of god for these people,” Schenkefeld recalls.

A life as a Greek god was probably the last thing he could have expected when he left Holland in 2017. He played for Feyenoord, Excelsior, Heracles and Zwolle in previous years, but he could never have stability due to injuries.

And the move to Melbourne City; It was mainly for the adventure and for the rehabilitation of his body by a more specialized medical staff they had there.

And yet, in practice it turned out to be the base about the career Schenkefeld now has. The Dutch central defender did it very well in Melbourne. He stayed injury free, played two seasons with the top team in Australia and caught the eye Panathinaikou.

“I never saw such a step coming. But when it came I thought it was one nice step forward. It was a logical choice for me.”

Senkefeld has been playing for four seasons in the 20 times champion of Greece, with which he won the Cup last year. He even wore his armband several times this season leader.

“The most important thing is that I have remained in form all this time. I felt like I could quickly keep up with the league level. I just do what I know on the field, although Greek football also includes a lot emotion“.

He also secretly likes the latter. He has already played countless derbies, in which he lived the most crazy stuff. “It’s crazy what happens in these matches. There are no away fans because otherwise they will pull one the other’s head! Football is an outlet for people. Their life in a concrete jungle like Athens is not always easy”.

When Schenkefeld thinks of a “madhouse”, last season’s Cup final with PAOK comes to his mind. “The stands were split down the middle, ours on one side, PAOK’s on the other. Even before the match started, they fell tear gas and all had to flee. Later we made it 1-0 and one of my teammates got hit with stone. Yes, in terms of safety, things can clearly be improved…”.

But this does not change the fact that Schenkefeld he’s having a good time in Athens, where he lives in a suburb.

“Athens is one beautiful city, although I only visit the Acropolis or the Temple of Poseidon when my family is here. The weather is always nice and I can walk to the beach in no time. Life happens outside here and the restaurants are open until late. Do I still have to pay there? Not always anymoreHahaha…”.

He will improve even more if he helps Panathinaikos win their title champion after thirteen years. The green ones are first ones, ahead of teams such as AEK and Olympiacos, where former Real Madrid player James Rodríguez plays among others. “The road is really long,” says Schenkefeld.

“The competition is now divided into a top 6 team, after which we play another ten final matches. It will be heavy. But the title would be something wonderful. A great payoff for the world. How nice it would be if I come back here later and people remember me as champion“”.

Source: Sport Fm

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