“It is important that there is a restart of the railway in terms of absolute safety”, said during the first meeting of the Coordination Center for Railway Safety today, the Minister of State responsible for infrastructure and transport issues, Giorgos Gerapetritis.

As he announced, next Wednesday the gradual operation of the railway line that was interrupted after the tragic accident in Tempe will begin and will be in full operation by Easter.

“On Wednesday, the framework for the start of the railway will be defined”, pointed out the Minister of State Giorgos Gerapetritis.

For local remote control in Larissa

It was fully operational on the fatal night, from all evidence, and continues to operate normally to this day.

The Railway Safety Coordination Center is based in the crisis management room of the Acharna Railway Center of the OSE.

It is attended by representatives of the OSE, the Fire Brigade, the Hellenic Police, EKAV and Hellenic Train.

The purpose of the committee will be the coordination of actions concerning the maintenance and upgrading of the safety infrastructure of the railways.