Faithful to their appointment with the city of Veria, hundreds of visitors from Greece and abroad, rush to the area again this year, in order to admire and smell the more than eight billion flowers that bloom every year in the peach trees of the fertile plain of Imathia , painting Spring pink.

Greeks, mainly from Central and Northern Greece, but also foreign visitors, take advantage of this year’s opportunity to escape from their everyday life and become, if only for a while, part of the pink painting created by the magic of nature in the area, with the blooming peach trees spread over more than 170,000 acres.

“At the moment the occupancy in the hotels of Veria is at 60%, however the phone calls for reservations keep increasing”, said the president of the Association of Hoteliers of Veria, speaking to APE-MPE. Dimitris Manzios, noting that “those who come to our place when the peach trees are in bloom, we treat them with a discount on their stay of up to 20%”.

It is recalled that in 2017 it is the blooming cherry trees of Japan that “gave birth” to the blooming peach trees in Veria and since then the area, with the help of its Tourist Board (TOB), claimed and succeeded in being included in the accommodation map of Greek and foreign tourists.

Bike rides, walking routes and lots of pictures

The program prepared by the Tourist Club of Veria for the visitors to the area is richly recorded again this year. A painting workshop for children, hiking and cycling in the pink plain with blooming peach trees, as well as a tour of the city of Veria, includes among other things the rich program organized for the visitors of the area by the Tourist Club of Veria.

Today, from 10 am, the newly elected president of TOB, Gianna Pilitsidouwith the help of the painter Damianos Oikonomidis, are holding an art painting workshop in the public central library of the area, giving children, aged six to ten, the opportunity to capture with their own eyes the pink plain of Veria

Tomorrow 19/3, TOB’s activities start at nine in the morning with face painting in Elias park, from where an hour later the departure will take place, for the famous bike ride along the Peach Blossom Trees. The total route is 17 km, while the height difference reaches 120 m. Based on the program, the participants, starting from the Elias park, will descend towards the settlement of Mesi, follow the road to Kouloura, continuing to the village of Ammos . There will be a stop for water and refreshments before they make their way back to Veria.

Cycling in the Peach Blossoms is an easy route on asphalt aimed at all cyclists over the age of 13 (minors only with an escort), while a helmet is necessary and gloves and a water bottle are optional.

But in addition to the aforementioned route, another one has been organized, for the more…adventurous. From the village of Ammos, where there will also be a refreshment break, the most daring and courageous can continue towards the dam, the artificial lakes and the narrows of Aliakmons. The total length of this moderate/difficult route is 43 km.

In addition to cycling, the TOB activities program also includes a walk in the Peach Trees. The meeting will again be at Elias park, with departure time at 10 am. “We start from Elias Park, where we enjoy the unlimited view of the blooming pink plain. The first flowering fields are only a short distance from the center of Veria! We walk together, learn about peach cultivation and enjoy unique spring moments in nature”, says the TOB announcement about the action. The tour of the city of Veria will start from Elias Park at one in the afternoon and the participants, accompanied by local volunteers, will be guided to the most important sights of Veria.

Veria peach trees

Alongside the actions among the Peach Blossom Trees, TOB is “running” this year a photo competition, giving every participant the opportunity to capture the moment of this unique sight that has made the “round” of the world through publications and screenings.

It is emphasized that all the aforementioned actions are carried out by the Veria Tourist Club with the support of the municipality of the area and municipal police, which will take care of the safety of the citizens in their movements.

It is emphasized that the actions in the pink field of Veria will continue next Sunday, March 26, 2023, and the participation, for the first time, of the Veria Automobile Club, which this year completes 50 years of presence, as well as the Vespa Club Veria, is expected.

Veria peach trees