The political thermometer rose to “red” after her announcement Political Secretariat of SYRIZA for the return of Pavlos Polakis to the official opposition party’s ballot papers.

The Political Secretariat of SYRIZA completed its work on Saturday with a modest announcement about the politician from Crete, who, in essence, had earlier received the “pardon” from Alexis Tsipras.

SYRIZA’s decision provoked strong reactions from the other parties, especially New Democracy and PASOK.

New Democracy, with its announcement, speaks of “polarization identified with SYRIZA and Mr. Tsipras”, pointing out that the MP from Crete has not taken back “the indignities he had posted about journalists and judges”.

In more detail, the ND announcement:

“With the ridiculous things that happened with Mr. Polakis, it was proven once again that “polarization” is identified with SYRIZA and Mr. Tsipras. The President of SYRIZA, doing one of his well-known flip-flops, took back the expulsion from Mr. Polakis’ ballots, without the MP taking back the indignities he had posted about journalists and judges. This is the strongest refutation of some who advertised Mr. Tsipras’ alleged shift towards the center, since center and Polakis do not fit in the same sentence. Mr. Polakis was and remains the other face of Mr. Tsipras.”

The PASOK for his part, he states in his announcement:

An ignominious end for the supposedly moderate turn of Mr. Tsipras

Mr. Tsipras, in his proposal for the return of Polakis, stated that SYRIZA is not “the party of deletions and prescripts”.

Obviously, this remark concerns the internal affairs of SYRIZA, as the return of Polakis also means tolerance of the restrictions he unleashed 20 days ago against journalists and judges.

However, we must note that the supposedly moderate turn of SYRIZA, which is now ending ingloriously, had begun under calendar-inauspicious terms, as it had coincided with Halloween Sunday.