The PASOK-Movement for Change, with an announcement from the Citizen Protection Sector, requests explanations for what the replaced leader of ELAS, K. ​​Skoumas, is implying.

In particular, he states that the announcement of the deposed Leader of EL.AS. on the reasons for his removal from his position, demonstrates dark paths of persons within the Ministry of Citizen Protection who imposed their wishes.

“On the basis of this same announcement by Mr. Skouma, the government, the Minister of Citizen Protection and the accepted Leader himself must now respond publicly today:

1) What are the decisions that the former Leader of EL.AS refers to in his announcement, which, despite allegedly serving the Constitution, were not accepted by the political leadership of the Ministry and why?

2) Who are the so-called “power centers” in the Ministry that requested other decisions, against “absolute transparency and meritocracy”?

3) What are the literal “responsibilities of the political head” of the ousted Chief?

4) What decisions did these “centers” wish to impose on the former Leader of EL.AS.?

5) Who are the inadequate persons who occupied positions of responsibility in EL.AS. despite the former Chief’s suggestions to the contrary?”