Rummenigge on Xabi Alonso: “He is very disciplined and dedicated, unlikely to fail”


In the best words he was placed the one-time president of Bayern Munich and former glory of the club, Karl Heinz Rummeniggefor Xabi Alonso current coach of the next opponent of the Bavarians, Bayer Leverkusen.

As he characteristically mentioned in his statements, he considers the Spanish technician particularly talented, dedicated and disciplined and finds it unlikely that he will not succeed in his coaching career. At the same time he emphasized that in presence Niko Kovacshad attempted to hire the 41-year-old as an assistant coach.

It is recalled that Xabi Alonso he had worn the jerseys of Real Madrid, Liverpool and Bayern Munich with great success as a footballer.

In detail, what Rummenigge mentioned about the veteran central midfielder:

We had tried to sign him when Niko Kovacs was sitting on the team’s bench, as an assistant coach. Wherever he played he was a huge success, Bayern, Real, Liverpool, Spain national team. He is an excellent kid, dedicated and disciplined I am sure he will succeed. I think that his decision to start his career step by step and not directly from a big bench like the example of Real Madrid was the ideal one”.

Editor: Babis Lessis

Source: Sport Fm

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