“Our goal and pursuit is that the measures that are voted are implemented, not left as an empty letter. These measures are the practical support of society in order to cope with the great and real difficulties it faces in its daily life”, said the government representative Yannis Oikonomou to SKAI.

Speaking on the program “Kalimera” and George Autias, Mr. Oikonomou emphasized that “it is not only the increase in the minimum wage, obviously and the difficulties remain, but close to that there is support for housing allowance, support for children, the market pass, the heating allowance which increased too much in previous years. Alongside the increases in wages for minimum wage workers, a government policy is unfolding that strengthens resilience”

At the same time, he pointed out that “despite the difficulties, despite the fact that wages in our country were and remain low, during this four-year period, all wages increased by 12.5% ​​compared to 2019. The desire and goal of all of us is to increase wages. The great challenge, the great bet of the new four-year term of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is that everyone’s wages converge even more with the wages of the European average in the public and private sectors. The goal, the pursuit, the plan of Mr. Mitsotakis is at the end of the next four years to converge even more with the average wages in Europe”.

Asked about the issue of the elections and how self-reliance can be achieved, Mr. Economou replied: “The tragedy of Tempe created anger, indignation, rage and finally a terrible shake in the thinking of many of our fellow citizens. This was perfectly normal. It is up to us, with sincerity, with the insistence on logic no cover-up in this particular tragedy, with a plan to restart the railways, to reconstruct the railways as a whole, but with a consistency and even more persistence, it is up to us to win again the trust of these citizens”.

Regarding the presence of the resigned Minister of Transport Kostas Karamanlis in the Committee on Institutions and Transparency, Mr. Oikonomou pointed out that “from the first moment we said that anyone who has to contribute to the public debate, anyone who handled issues and cases related to the Tempe accident, must to answer questions, to state his opinion transparently, to give full accountability to the Greek people. We did not hide behind our finger for a moment. The truth is the one that will answer the lies and the slanders and the exaggerations. It’s what society demands, it’s the minimum we owe to the people who left.”

“The choice of SYRIZA and personally of Mr. Tsipras regarding the issue of Polakis clearly shows the direction they want to follow. It is the path of extremism and division. It is the essential rupture. Yesterday’s choice of Mr. Tsipras, the pardon to Mr. Polakis, is a practical break with society, which seeks respect in democracy, in institutions. Yesterday’s choice of Mr. Tsipras is a practical break with the society that seeks a fruitful political dialogue”, said Mr. Economou.

“Inside the body of Mr. Polakis is the spirit of Mr. Tsipras. Polarism is the main component of SYRIZA, it is the central political line. If one sees what was used by SYRIZA as an argument to make yet another scumbag and give Mr. Polakis a pardon. Polarism is the spearhead of Syrizism. Yesterday’s choice to rejoin Mr. Polakis shows the direction and path that SYRIZA and Mr. Tsipras are following. A break with normality, moderation, logic, respect for the rules of the Republic and institutions,” the government spokesman added.

“Our country and our Republic have paid dearly for toxicity and extremism. Mr. Polakis’ speech is the tip of SYRIZA’s spear”, he added.