“Locks” the date issue of the first elections to be held by simple proportional representation. According to information, speaking to Alpha and Stavros Theodorakis (the taped interview is scheduled for 10.50 on Tuesday night) Kyriakos Mitsotakis also talks about this issue, saying that the elections it will be the end of May. He does not specify whether they will be held on May 21 or 28, however, he “burns” the scenarios that the first elections could be held even on July 2.

The prime minister, in his first television interview after the fatal accident in Tempe, states that will renegotiate the contract with the Italians of Hellenic Train which SYRIZA had signed in 2016.

Also referring to the debate taking place in society about the “deep state”, Mr. Mitsotakis announces the opening of the debate on revision of the Constitutionfocusing on Article 16 on non-state universities.

In the SW they consider attainable the goal of self-reliance, because the large mass of voters who leave the ruling party are directed to the undecided vote. In the ND they estimate that if they are convinced that they can put into practice what they advocate for the change of the state to change the pathologies of the country, they can lead to the regrouping of these voters, and thus the ND will record a high percentage in the first ballot, which will be “harbinger” for the second elections and the possibility of self-reliance.


For their part, SYRIZA has been persistently asking Mr. Mitsotakis all this time to say when the elections will be held, not to play games as they say with this specific issue, and they keep two things in mind regarding the polls: first, the deterioration of the government , and secondly that SYRIZA remains stablei.e. the government’s argument that “everyone is the same” is not getting through to the world.

It is noted that the official opposition is expected to return to the Parliament only when the measure comes to support the relatives of the victims of the tragedy in Tempi.


Nikos Androulakis insists, however, that a cooperation government should be in place of the prime minister a new face. The president of PASOK continues to set as a condition for PASOK to participate in a cooperation government that Mr. Mitsotakis or Mr. Tsipras are not in the position of prime minister.

“If some people think that there will be national elections and then a coalition government will be formed so they can remain prime ministers, they probably don’t know what the new era of PASOK is. PASOK will get a strong mandate by making only programmatic agreements and without persons who have consistently undermined the public interest,” said Mr. Androulakis.

The bone of contention for all parties is the undecideds, that exceed 13%, and with their vote they will judge the final result.