Under the headline “Too Close to the Sun – Eva Kaili from zenith to nadir,” POLITICO presents the 44-year-old’s beginnings, her story, and psychographs her goals and involvement in Qatargate.

“How the Greek politician rose to the top of EU politics — and landed in prison” is reported.

“Eva Kaili’s exact role in the Qatargate scandal remains poorly defined. Unlike Antonio Panzeri, she has yet to admit any wrongdoing and remains in jail more than two months after her arrest, with judicial authorities refusing to grant her parole believing she is a flight risk and could falsify data.

“Kayli’s lawyers describe her as the innocent victim of other suspects in the case, namely Panzeri and (her partner Francesco) Giorgi, who they say took advantage of her position to advance their interests without her knowledge. The fact that Kylie, who has a 24-month-old daughter with Georgie, has been held for two months with limited access to the child amounts to “torture”, they argue.

“However, Kyle’s arrest warrant, obtained by POLITICO, is clear: It says she was a key member of the conspiracy, knew illegal cash was kept at her home, tried to warn accomplices after Georgie was arrested, and had contact with Qatar’s labor minister, Ali bin Samikh Al Marri, named as a key figure in the case. In an effort to reconcile Kylie’s intense public profile with the allegations against her, POLITICO has delved into her past.

“From her beginnings in Thessaloniki, to the central political scene in Athens, then to Brussels and the fateful weeks before her arrest, what emerges is the portrait of a magnetic personality who fought relentlessly for higher positions, regardless of ideology or faith in party or where it would ultimately end up, as long as it was “up”.

“Among other exclusives, the POLITICO report shows how Kaili lobbied and obtained academic degrees in Greece without completing the required coursework. how her and her sister’s political and business interests in Brussels often overlapped; and how she lobbied personally and forcefully for Qatar in the weeks leading up to her arrest.

“To the Thessalonians who watched her case from afar, her story brings to mind a Greek tragedy in which a brilliant protagonist, driven by Hybris to commit rash or presumptuous acts, falls by fate — or Nemesis, her goddess revenge.

“As the Qatargate scandal continues to widen, under other names, questions remain about the extent of Kylie’s role. The Greek MP faces charges of corruption, money laundering and participation in a criminal organization. According to the arrest warrant obtained by POLITICO, Kylie bought a second apartment in Brussels on an undisclosed date, which her partner Georgie “unofficially” helped pay for. In addition, Kaili and Georgi last March bought a plot of land in Paros for 300,000 euros. Shortly after their arrest, Greece’s anti-money laundering authority froze all her and her family’s assets, including the plot of land, as well as the bank accounts used to buy it.

“When asked about the land purchase, Kaili’s lawyer Michalis Dimitrakopoulos said that the purchase of the property was legal and the money used for its purchase came from her regular income.

“Kayli’s determination to amass wealth and high-level contacts stems from a sense of insecurity, according to a former member of her Parliament staff. “It seems she grew up with a lot of deprivation, so she was very careful about spending,” he said. “She wanted to have homes and things that would help her survive if something went wrong.” During raids in early December, police recovered €150,000 in cash from Kaili’s apartment and a bag full of money carried by her father.

“According to her arrest warrant, shortly after the arrest of her partner Giorgi, Kaili contacted Pantzeri and two members of the European Parliament. Belgian newspaper Le Soir reported last week that she tried to contact her father from prison, ordering him to throw away phones and USB memory sticks. POLITICO was unable to verify the information. Kaili’s lawyer Dimitrakopoulos disputed the claim. “It is inaccurate that Kylie used the prison phone to instruct one of her associates to disappear cell phones and a USB stick,” he wrote in an email. “This week Mrs Kaili, accompanied by a Belgian colleague, went to the police station in Brussels and listened to the police audio, where the word USB or anything else does not appear anywhere.”