“For a crescendo of unprecedented communicative insensitivity,” SYRIZA-PS representative Popi Tsapanidou says, commenting on the prime minister’s interview and adds: “Mr. Mitsotakis appeared uninvolved in the great national tragedy and shared responsibilities without a counterpoint, while he himself did not take any responsibility.” .

Continuing her criticism, she states: “With lies, perverted justice and evasions, she sold the fairy tale of the renegotiation of the contract with Hellenic Train, when her own minister, Mr. Karamanlis. he was the one who gave them 600 million as if it belonged to him and his prime minister, and not to the Greek people. He forgot the “blue” station master who had a plug in the New Democracy, and made fun of all the railway employees, justifying the global originality for people with fixed-term contracts to work in key positions.

He continued the infuriating lie that remote control was supposedly working in Larissa, when just yesterday after the autopsy of Mr. Tsipras, the station masters themselves refuted his minister in a pan-Hellenic broadcast.”

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s announcement about the elections, Mrs. Tsapanidou said: “And since nothing is working out for him anymore, he announced, through the show he set up, elections in May, writing on his old shoes the Parliament, the other parliamentary parties and himself the President of the Republic”. In closing, he accuses the prime minister: “Today, Mr. Mitsotakis showed how much he believes that the number of human casualties in a tragedy does not matter, as long as he succeeds in his plan. Disrespectful, indifferent and apathetic.”