Qualification for Brescia, Hamburg, sweeping first for Gran Canaria

Qualification for Brescia, Hamburg, sweeping first for Gran Canaria

Brescia won in a “thriller” in the last minutes 84-82 at home to Cedevita-Olibia for the 17th game of the first group of the Euro Cup and mathematically secured one of the seventh or eighth places leading to the quarter-finals, waiting for the match on Wednesday of Bursaspor at the headquarters of Lietkambelis.

For the Italians, Gabriel stood out with 13, Petrucelli, Odiase with 12 and Della Valle, Massinburg with 11 points. For the Slovenians, Adams stood out with 19, Ferrell with 18 and Radovic with 11 points.

Mathematical qualification, through the eighth place, and for Hamburg in the second group, after they prevailed with difficulty over Trentino 89-87 in Germany and left them permanently out of the continuation.

For the Germans, Polite stood out with 27, Childs with 18 and Meissner with 16 points. For the Italians, Spagnolo stood out with 21, Crawford with 16 and Forai with 13 points.

Gran Canaria swept past Buduchnost 94-69 in Podgorica and secured top spot in Group B whatever happens in the remaining matches on Wednesday and next week, leaving the champions of the former Yugoslavia in sixth or seventh place.

For the Spaniards, Salvo, Surna with 16, Brusino with 14 and Albisi with 11 points stood out. For the Montenegrins, Green played alone with 25 points.

Source: Sport Fm

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