New references to Hagia Sophia which he turned into a mosque were made by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in his attempt to rally his voters.

As SKAI correspondent Manolis Kostidis reports from Istanbulthe Turkish president also spoke about drones and the “red apple” that is the symbol of Pan-Turkism and conquest.

“All I mention is where the country was and where we arrived. Explaining what we did, we can’t stop. I say to some people “Agia Sophia”, they understand… But when I say “Agia Sophia” some others don’t understand. We move forward with those who understand when we say “Agia Sophia” and when we say “Karabakh” ”.

Sometimes I refer to drones, armed drones, Akinci and other drones. People understand us but some still don’t. I refer to the “red apple” and they don’t get it. The “red apple” is a vision. Achieving this vision is not an achievement that can be achieved by anyone,” the Turkish president stressed.

Nevra Erdogan from the cooperation of the Kurds with the six opposition parties

At the same time, Erdogan did not hide his irritation with the cooperation of the Kurdish party with the six opposition parties. This came after the DHP decided not to field a candidate, which favors the opposition.

Characteristically, Erdogan characterized the HDP as the same as the PKK:

“My people love the nation, my people are not slaves to imperialist logic. The HDP is the PKK itself. The HDP is the same as the PYD. We have always expressed this equation. So my people must think about the position of the CHP. My people must also see the position of the other opposition parties. My citizen is national, my citizen is local, my citizen is not a slave to the imperialist logic imposed from abroad.”