The representative of PASOK gives an answer to the government representative Yannis Oikonomou with his statement Dimitris Manzos.

More detail:

“The Mitsotakis system reacts furiously, because its only goal is to maintain power.

It is the same system that bears the decisive responsibility for the tragedy of Tempe.

It is the Mitsotakis system, which organized the parastatal of wiretapping and the cover-up of those responsible, stigmatizing the country internationally.

It is the system that has been identified with the clientelistic and deeply anachronistic state by appointing party officials almost everywhere without a trace of meritocracy.

It is the system that, during its days, widened social inequalities because the big and powerful interests were privileged and consciously supported. Even with the precious resources of the Recovery Fund.

Obviously, in cooperation governments, both the face of the Prime Minister and the convergence in programmatic positions are a matter of discussion between the parties that intend to agree.

The Government and the Prime Minister should be in clear correspondence with the growing stream of citizens, whose request is: “Enough so far, now is the time to change the page”. To ensure the prospects of the country and the people.

Everyone should understand this.”