Nationally, an estimated 60,225 staff shortages were recorded at the peak of the 2022 summer season, out of a projected 262,981 hotel job openings.

That is, the shortage rate amounted to 23% or more than 1 in 5 places was not filled. The shortage rate was similar in almost all departments and ranged from 21% to 24%.

The above figures result from the updated study of the Institute of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (INSETE) on the topic “Employment and labor shortages in Greek hotels at the peak of the 2022 summer season”.

The study was prepared using primary research carried out by the Institute of Tourism Research and Forecasting (ITEP) of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels (ΕΕΕ) in the hotels – members of the ΕΕΕ. Compared to the corresponding figures for the peak summer season of 2021, 2022 saw an increase in jobs, while the vacancy rate remained the same.

The specialties of maid, waiter, receptionist, assistant waiter, lancer, barista and technical support correspond to a total of 52% of all jobs, based on the organizational chart, to 54% of all filled jobs and to 46% of all jobs jobs not covered in 2022.

The specialty with the largest percentage shortage in relation to the intended positions was sommelier (57% or 361 people), followed by guest relations executive (41% or 1,083), assistant gardener (37% or 489) and assistant receptionist (35% or 1,393).