Of Antonis Angeletou

The Tempe disaster, the changing political landscape and the possibility that the self-reliance scenario will become difficult has dramatically increased the intensity and frequency of discussions about partnerships.

As the polls approach the polarized environment composed by the New Democracy and SYRIZA are putting pressure on the smaller parties.

Pressing mainly touches the PASOK, as it is the force that will be called upon to administer the third exploratory mandate for government formation. It is an “endurance race” given by Nikos Androulakis with the goal of a percentage that will exceed 12%. A number that probably secures him more than 40 deputies in the first polls and makes him largely a regulator of developments.

No party has ever really opened its cards before the election.

Both New Democracy and SYRIZA they estimate that Nikos Androulakis by closing the door of Maximos to Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Alexis Tsipras is simply carrying out a maneuver.

He differentiates his strategy from the two “big ones” in order not to be crushed by the electoral “millstones”.

In this way, they also justify their insistence on not leading the country to second elections.

Nikos Androulakis has hidden aces up his sleeve until the polls. He addressed a large public – more than 30% – who do not want former prime ministers to take over the reins of the country again. He will certainly invest in the pre-election program of the party and the proposals he has submitted first in the public debate, mainly in the field of the economy.

It is enough to limit the “flaws” such as the intra-party feud that opened with Andreas Loverdos. The “yellow card” came out. Will the “red” follow?

Nikos Androulakis is not willing to put water in his wine for executives who promote their own agenda. This was made clear by Harilaou Trikoupi’s “emptying” to the former minister.

The barometer in the party is low and both sides are waiting. A public statement by Andreas Loverdos that will blur the landscape remains to be made.

New Democracy will press Nikos Androulakis in the next period to name the person he proposes for prime minister as well as the way he wishes to govern the country.

In SYRIZA, they see that its rhetoric lacks an ideological background. He is not interested, they emphasize, who will be the first party?

Can a social democratic program, for which he is committed, be implemented with New Democracy?

The issue of wiretapping will also be put more imperatively on the table. “Can he be at the same ministerial table as Kyriakos Mitsotakis who was watching him?”, officials from Koumoundourou wonder.

In the official opposition, however, Nikos Androulakis has put another obstacle, as he has ruled out cooperation with Yanis Varoufakis.

And so the equation for the formation of a government from the first Sunday, which the president of PASOK puts as a condition, is constantly becoming more and more complex.