“Today is a day of pride for all Greek men and women, everywhere, but also a day of reflection,” says the president of SYRIZA-PS, Alexis Tsipras, in his message for the national anniversary of March 25, which he posted on social media , and adds that “we deserve a better homeland and we can get it”.

Specifically, Mr. Tsipras states in his message:

“We are proud of Dervenakia and Tripolitsa, of Kolokotronis and Karaiskakis, of the barefoot people who rose up against a mighty empire. For those who gave their blood and life for a free country.

But today is also a day of reflection. For what we have and what we need.

What we want and what we deserve. Because peoples who stop dreaming and fighting for a better tomorrow are doomed to wither. We deserve a better country. And we can get it. A homeland whose children will not be lost in Tempe. They won’t go astray. They will not be doomed to languish among unemployment and unpaid work. They will have equal rights to education, health, culture. They will all feel and be safe. A homeland where democracy and equality will flourish. Truth and justice. Citizens will not become “targets” of parastatal mechanisms. The state will not be treated as booty and the toil of the many will not be appropriated by the few. It will not be overpowered by partisanship, bribery, interests, but a fair and efficient state will stand beside and not against the people.

We have the right to want and claim these things. And if they seem difficult, even impossible, let’s remember that if the people back then, didn’t get drunk “with the immortal wine of ’21” and listen to the “wise men” of the time, we wouldn’t have a free homeland today. We can have the modern, free Greece of democracy, equality and solidarity, which we deserve. And we will have it with our will and our struggle”, concludes Mr. Tsipras in his message.