Lucescu: “I didn’t regret and I don’t regret anything. They cost us a lot of points this year”


In his statements that are the subject of discussion before and after a match, Razvan Lucescu was mentioned, who emphasized that he does not regret anything and emphasized that the PAOK has been wronged in relation to the other “big” groups.

Details of what the Romanian coach said on the “” website

For his statements: “I didn’t regret and I don’t regret anything I said. It’s one thing to say it in English and another in Romanian. In English what I said kind of faded, kind of got erased. They are constantly undermining us and games are being played for the teams in Athens to overtake us. It is a system that has been formed over time, there is also politics. I didn’t offend anyone, I’m not afraid, I’m just arguing. That’s the reality, they took a lot of points away from us this year and yet we’re there.”

For the course of PAOK: “We have two defeats like Olympiacos, but we have more draws. We are trying to get the most out of this year and prepare for the next. Now, with nine games to go, we have made up for many of the lost points. At one point the difference from the top was 14 points and now it is 5. Of all the other teams we have the advantage of coming back. That we won more points in the last games, we have a psychological advantage. The team that comes from behind always has it.”

For his contract: “I have a contract for one more year, it is impossible to leave, I have a very long clause. You know me very well, I don’t discuss such situations, I will respect my contract. The team means a lot to me and I owe a lot to it and the owner, because it’s where I grew up as a coach and my only thought is to succeed. We had a great time four years ago. Now I hope we win in those nine matches, plus two in the Cup.”

Source: Sport Fm

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