The Greek Parliament celebrated today the National Anniversary of March 25, 1821. In the morning, the President of the Parliament, Mr. Konstantinos Tasoulas, attended the doxology that was held, on the day of the Annunciation of the Virgin, in the Cathedral of Athens, presided over by the Most Blessed Archbishop of Athens and all over Greece etc. Hieronymou II.

After the eulogy, Mr. Tasoulas welcomed and hosted the President of the Republic, Mrs. Katerina Sakellaropoulouthe Prime Minister Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakisthe Minister of National Defense, Mr. Nikolaos Panagiotopoulosthe Deputy Minister of National Defense, Mr. Nikolaos Hardaliathe Minister of Defense of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Michalis Giorgalla, the president of PA.SO.K. – Movement for Change Mr. Nikolaos Androulakisthe Regional Governor of Attica, Mr. Georgios Patoulisthe chief of the General Staff of National Defense Mr. Konstantinos Florosas well as the leadership of the Armed Forces and the Security Forces.

The President of the Parliament offered to all those present a unique edition of the Parliament of the Hellenes, the collected homographic reproduction of the Greek-Italian translation of the Hymn to the Eleftherian written by Dionysios Solomos in 1823, at the age of 25. This particular edition was published in 1825 in a translation by Gaetano Grassetti.

Immediately afterwards, those present went to the Monument of the Unknown Soldier, where the President of the Republic, Mr. Sakellaropoulou, laid a wreath and then watched the military parade.