Anitta: How was the singer’s party, who left dancing with a can in her hand at 8 am


Shall we start at the end? Anitta’s 30th birthday party ended this Saturday morning (25th), with the birthday girl still excited, with a can in her hand and giving a light dance to the fans who spent the night in ambush watching the celebrities come and go. Feel the weather:

The ballad lasted, in all, eleven hours, and it can be said that, with a few exceptions, the prohibition imposed by the birthday girl on her friends worked: she asked that no one take photos or videos or tease other guests. At first, she warned that security guards would be watching and taking devices from anyone who broke the rule. But then she relaxed. She said she only had a friend there, okay, I trust you. One of the (few) videos that leaked is this one, with the guests dancing “Noite das Safadas” with Pocah, Lexa and Rebecca. Check out Lil Nas X alia behind, just keep an eye out:

Lil Nas also threw himself on the track, what are you thinking? Look at it over there:

What about Billie Eilish? Well, she took a little break straight from the (memorable) show at Lollapalooza and showed up at the party around midnight, still dressed in baggy shorts, cap and American football shirt (or baseball? anyway, some sport we don’t have) this way).

  Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish arrives at Anitta’s party – Araujo 24.Mar.2023/AgNews

The web, as you know, does not forgive, and soon memes appeared comparing his clothes to the costumes of Ribamar, Tom Cavalcanti’s character in “Sai de Baixo”. Eilish went to the party with her brother, Finneas, partner on stage and in life —Caetano Veloso even mentions the two in the song “Anjos tronchos”: “Miss Eilish does everything in the bedroom with her brother”, says an excerpt, in a reference to the beginning of their careers, when they composed and produced at home.

Escorted by scouts from the Military Police, she stayed just over half an hour on her birthday. She was in a “I just came to kiss my friend” vibe, and she also had professional reasons for not kicking the bucket: hours later she would be leaving for a show in Colombia. It should already be there, by the way.

At a party with so many national and international celebrities, it is not surprising that many people chose to spend the night at the front door, waiting for their idols. Who was? Just to name a few, in addition to Eillish and Lil Nas X: Bruna Marquezine, Pabllo Vittar, Marina Ruy Barbosa, Jade Picon, Juliette, Gabriela Prioli, Regina Casé, Valesca Popozuda (who thanked the birthday girl for taking funk to “this whole world “), Jão, Pedro Sampaio, Marina Sena, Pequena Lô, Carol Trentini, and Alessandra Ambrosio

By the thermometer of the fans’ excitement, Marquezine was the most successful with the serene group, while Lil Nas took the opportunity to declare himself to the birthday girl, when approached by journalists. “I love Anitta!”, he announced, who is far from being an “enemy of the end”. He withdrew around 3:30 am, early by Anittian standards. Next year there’s more.

Source: Folha

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