In the country there is no political raw material for stable and effective cooperation governments, said the government representative, Yannis Oikonomou, speaking to SKAI.

Responding to the criticism that the Prime Minister yesterday, when announcing the elections, discounted that a second ballot box would be set up, Mr. Economou noted that in principle the Prime Minister was fully aligned with his position that the elections will be held at the end of the four-year period.

On her subject second ballot he said: “We are not responsible for the mere proportional regime, historical experience has shown that there is no political raw material for effective and stable cooperative governments in the country.

We say that there is no political raw material in the country, for a sustainable and solid cooperation government to emerge, but all this is secondary on May 21, because we have elections and society will speak.”

Mr. Economou continued: “The first election is the election that will show who and how the country will be governed. Our view on how the country should be governed is clear. People will evaluate policies for their future. In the elections, people must think about what they will vote for and what they will reject, whether we will secure the progress we have made or risk going backwards.”

Regarding the criticism of what was not done in Public, the islands of anachronism, as the prime minister has characterized them, the government representative said: “We recognized our mistakes, the pathogens of 40 years do not disappear in a 4-year period, and I do not say this as an alibi. We clashed with statism, in some places we succeeded, in others we went more slowly. We want to go bolder and faster in the future.”

On the placement of non-elected politicians in key positions, Mr. Economou noted that “skills and CV were what weighed in the choices, one cannot blame the government that the key elements were not the qualifications. And in the overwhelming majority, the government’s choices were justified.”

And let’s not forget, he continued, that “we didn’t rule in calm waters, let’s not forget what we went through and what we experienced. The issue of politics will be crisis management.”

Regarding Nikos Androulakis’ interview with SKAI, Mr. Oikonomou said that “Mr. Androulakis nominated himself for prime minister, it is logical, he said that ‘I am here too'”.

What is not logical are the riddles, Mr. Economou continued, launching an attack on Alexis Tsipras: “I say this about Mr. Tsipras, because when you say progressive governance, why do you insist on talking with riddles, why don’t you talk with names? What does he mean; That he will pick up the thread again with Mr. Varoufakis who said a few days ago to blow up the banks? When they don’t say it in words, it shows that maybe they want to hide things.”

He also said that not even a court decision seems likely to sever Mr. Tsipras’ ties to the convicted Nikos Pappas.

When asked what the ND will do if, after the elections on May 21, Nikos Androulakis comes with a proposal for governmental cooperation, Mr. Economou replied that “until the elections, we are talking to the people. We will evaluate the mandate of the people, but we believe that there is no political raw material for stable cooperative governments.”

In question if there will be debate of political leaders he replied: “We will see all this, the prime minister does not avoid political confrontation, we are willing to discuss any debate that will give the world the opportunity to judge and understand our views in an organized manner.”