Amendment, which was adopted by its budget committee European Parliament and testified as the coordinator of the Eurogroup of the Left in the Committee on Budgets (BUDG), the vice-president of the European Parliament Dimitris Papadimoulis, “strongly opposes the use of any EU funding for the construction of fences or walls on the external borders of the Union”. As the amendment states, it “expects that the Commission will continue to deny any such funding now and in the future.”

At the same time, it “expresses strong concern about the interpretation given by some member states to the conclusions of the European Council of February 9, 2023”.

According to the announcement issued by SYRIZA-The Left it is “a clear position against the attempt by some European governments, including Greece, Italy and Austria, to use any EU funding to build external border fences”.

According to the same text, this is a compromise amendment voted for by the Left, the Socialists, the Greens and Renew Europe in the Committee on Budgets (BUDG).

The amendment, which was upvoted by several MEPs European People’s Partyas noted in the announcement, was approved by an overwhelming majority and is included in the report on the guidelines for the 2024 Budget, which as a whole was passed by a majority of 28 in favor, 2 against, 2 abstentions.