Labor Minister Kostis Hatzidakis notes the government’s work in the provision of pensions and in particular in NAT with his statement on Facebook.

More specifically it states:

“Maybe you remember this photo. He had been drawn into the NAT in June 2021. The NAT has now zeroed out his overdue pensions and lump sums. Everyone recognizes the progress that has been made! In fact, she was recognized, in the context of the debriefing event held, by the representatives of the workers, the PNO and in general the entire maritime community. NAT workers were also awarded today for this important progress.

In fact, NAT participated in the general effort we made to end the shame of pending pensions. At this time, he no longer has overdue pensions and lump sums. At the same time, EFKA issued 510,000 main pensions within 2 years, which means that 1 in 20 Greeks expected a pension and finally received it. But that’s not all. Main pensions are now issued faster than in Germany. On average in 60 days in Greece, while in Germany in 74. Someone can say “but I waited 6 or 8 months”, but many others have started receiving their pension even in 15 days!

The figures for the weighted average time of pensions are official and not disputed. We never claimed to have solved all the problems in EFKA and NAT. But the facts are mind boggling and no one can dispute that the image in the 2 organizations has nothing to do with the one we inherited from SYRIZA.

I would like to thank the Minister of Shipping and Insular Policy Giannis Plakiotakis for the close cooperation we had on NAT issues. I would also like to congratulate NAT commander Konstantinos Tsagaropoulos and his team for a job well done. And of course the workers at NAT who gave their best, so that we now have this visible progress. The effort continues!”.