The government representative commented on Dimitris Papadimoulis’ move to table an amendment to stop financing the fences at the external borders of the European Union. Giannis Oikonomou.

More specifically he stated:

“After our country’s success in securing EU support and funding for surveillance measures on the Evros fence, Mr. Papadimoulis submitted an amendment to the European Parliament, requesting that the EU not finance the construction of fences on its external borders.

The intention of SYRIZA is very clear, it has also been expressed by the views of other members of its staff such as Mr. Tzanakopoulos: to return to the state of chaos in immigration and to return us to the era of open borders on land, of “there are no borders” at sea” and of the immigrants who “sunbathed” in our territory by the hundreds of thousands.

This, and others like it – like the plans for the re-tax extermination of the citizens revealed by Mr. Dragasakis – is what they mean when they say “progressive governance”. SYRIZA is struggling to change gears in Greece, putting it in reverse.”