He left the possibility open for new arrests related to the case of a terrorist attack on a Jewish restaurant in the center of Athens, the Minister of Citizen Protection Takis Theodorikakos speaking on the show “Today” on SKAI clarifying that the investigations in this direction are continuing.

“The Pakistanis were in contact with their compatriots which was allegedly in Iran and not in Greece“, the minister said, adding that other people have been checked and the involvement of other people, not just the two arrested, is being investigated.

However, Mr. Theodorikakos said that the motive of the two arrested seems “to have been financial”.

At the same time, he emphasized that the anti-terrorist service in cooperation with the police and the EYP successfully organized an operation in Athens, Zakynthos and Sparta, while referring to publications that speak of an organized “operetta”, the minister noted: “They are making an unacceptable mistake. One cannot play with national security and the credibility of the country, for a handful of SYRIZA votes”.

The minister emphasized that Greece is “safe destination and we must preserve it”, adding that all airports in the country will be reinforced with 1,200 police officers who will facilitate passport controls.


Mr. Theodorikakos reiterated the government’s decision to complete the fence on the Evros, pointing out that 37.5 km have already been built, while tomorrow he will be in the area together with Prime Minister K. Mitsotakis in order to sign the contract for another 35 km which are financed with 100 million from national resources.

In particular and regarding the decision of the European Parliament that “cuts” the money for the creation of artificial fences on the borders of Europe, the minister characteristically noted: “We are determined to make the artificial barrier on the entire border of the country which is the border of Europe. Practically this can be done in 147 kilometers”.

“If SYRIZA adopts the attitude of Mr. Papadimoulis, it takes an unacceptable position on a critical issue for security”, and they are simply firm in the logic that there are no borders in the sea and the land is an open vine”, he emphasized and concluded “they should have expel Mr. Papadimoulis and if he does not, SYRIZA agrees with this position”