“And just the fact that Mr. Mitsotakis is advertising the fence to Evro as a factor in attracting voters from extreme right-wing parties, it shows how it perceives the policy for refugees and immigrants”, points out the KKE in its comment.

“At the same time, both the ND and the SYRIZA, they keep silent about the cause of the problem and try to cover up their barbaric policy at the expense of the thousands of uprooted people, who are the victims of imperialist wars and impoverishment. ΄

After all, the intensity of repression at the border, with enhanced Frontex and with natural or “invisible” fences, deportations, confinement in sorting hot spots and, above all, faithful adherence to the unacceptable EU-Turkey Joint Declaration and the Dublin Regulation, was the common denominator of both. And it is precisely this policy that has turned the Evros and the Aegean into a grave for thousands of dead and the country into a warehouse of human souls.

At the same time, their joint support for the EU policy for the so-called “legal migration routes” with the interstate agreements of a modern slave market, so that capital and the big hoteliers can find cheap labor, stands out” notes the KKE and concluding he emphasizes:

“Security and stability for the people is the common struggle of Greek and foreign workers for life and work with rights, with a strong KKE”.