His statements Alexis Tsipras from Kalamata commented the government representative Giannis Oikonomou.

He stated in more detail:

“The Greece of 2023 has nothing to do with the Greece of 2015-2019. She stood her ground in crises. She cut taxes by 50%, raised the minimum wage by 20%, has twice the growth rate of the rest of Europe, her powerful voice is heard from Congress to Israel and from Brussels to the Arab world. Our borders are inaccessible and our geostrategic position strengthened.

In education, health, security, more executives are serving than in the past. This and much more, but the citizens know it from personal experience.

As they know that there is something that has not changed and will not change. Mr. Tsipras, with his lies and obsessions. With the easy promises that he will finance from the money trees of the new taxes, for which Mr. Dragasakis gave us a foretaste.

And with the fantasies about a supposedly progressive government of cooperation, which he does not even dare to describe. Either because even he himself does not believe that it will ever be formed, or because its description would reveal the recycling of worn out and fatal for the country persons and politicians.