“From yesterday until next week, five government initiatives are being implemented with a total budgetary cost of more than 1 billion euros,” Finance Minister Christos Staikouras told SKAI and the show “Kalimera” with Giorgos Autias, noting that “these initiatives cover the whole of Greek society”.

“Within the tax declarations there are provisions for farmers, who have a 50% tax discount for life provided they are in cooperative schemes. In the next period of time, the provision for the abolition of the business tax in companies that on 3/12 of 2022 increased the number of employees will be incorporated into the tax declarations. It is essentially a labor clause,” he added.

Asked about the possible abolition of the pretense fee, Mr. Staikouras left the possibility open saying that “we will see this in the next four years”.

Also, Mr. Staikouras emphasized that “Today, the minimum wage is increasing significantly, which translates into an increase in various allowances that have budgetary costs.” On Monday, “Spiti mo” opens, basically the cheap houses for young people up to 39 years old, with a budget of 500 million euros. And until Friday, the platform opens for the revival of the 72 to 120 installments in the Greek government, EFKA and tax authorities, as well as the new inclusion of citizens who had difficulty in the previous two years and we have a new arrangement of 36 to 72 installments”.