Recital of obscenity give known and unknown internet trolls, in parallel, however, with executives of SYRIZAaround the complaint of rape and abuse against the MEP Alexis Georgoulis: Already, Koumoundourou obliged to delete its branch in Larissa, after vulgar posting and reproduction of non-existent allegations against Mrs. Eleni Chronopoulou, who denounced the MEP, while the MP candidate Zoi Varelis-Stephanidis was also forced to fold after the uproar: It is typical that even her daughter, an Olympic champion Katerina Stefanidis she clearly distanced herself from her mother. One more candidate for parliament, however, Anastasia Gaitartziswith her post she left insinuations against the victim for a “fake event”.

Investigation by the Personal Data Protection Authority

The posts and public statements have provoked strong reactions both from the ND and from PASOK-KINAL, while at the same time, after a complaint, an investigation was launched by the Personal Data Protection Authority, for the leakage of Ms. Chronopoulou’s data, without her consent and consent, and at a time prior to her own, public posting via Facebook.

The publication of the details of the complainant against the MEP is part of the political controversy that has erupted since the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, made the case known, announcing the request of the Belgian authorities to lift the immunity of Alexis Georgoulis. The political antagonism rages also about when his party learned of the complaint against him, but also about the behavior that SYRIZA had shown in other cases in the past – such as in Lignadis case

The procedure to lift the immunity of Alexis Georgoulis is expected around the end of May, unless a special procedure is set earlier. However, Mrs. Chronopoulou’s complaint opened the bag of Aiolos for the MEP, as other cases are coming to the surface with him as a negative protagonist: One concerns abusive behavior against an intern in his office who is now considered extremely likely to proceed with an official complaint to the authorities, and the second workplace bullying against a male employee in his office who left on long sick leave.

Androulakis: Responsible for the Mitsotakis-Tsipras digital substate

In this climate, the president of PASOK-KINAL, Nikos Androulakis from Lesvos where he is, he noted that what is happening on the internet is unimaginable and added that Mr. Mitsotakis and Mr. Tsipras are absolutely responsible for the operation of a digital parastate, “hoodies”, digital gangs, that target personalities of people, who either they feel that they are getting in the way of their plans or for other reasons of their own.

I believe that every democrat and progressive citizen has a duty to stand against these inhumane practices. They are practices that do not deserve a European country. They do not deserve the Greece of Democracy, the Greece of the struggle for the Rule of Law. Therefore, we have a duty to stand up to all those who do not understand that many years have passed since the time when these practices were accepted. We have the power to oppose this digital parastate, which undermines all notions of the rule of law and human rights.”

ND to SYRIZA: Deal with your executives, instead of giving ethics lessons

And the ND, however, with its announcement, attacks SYRIZA for the postings of its executives, noting that the party should deal with these executives instead of doing moral lessons.
In its announcement, ND states:
Alexis Tsipras, his old and late comrades have learned nothing about the damage their toxicity has been causing the country for over ten years. They remain unrepentant, blindly bigoted and irredeemably vulgar. That is why, on May 21st, the citizens will prove to SYRIZA what it refuses to accept: that Polakism and its political patrons belong to the black pages of the past.

Instead of giving SYRIZA moral lessons, let it deal with its executives and candidate MPs, who continue to relativize the most serious complaints based on the attitude of the perpetrator and not on the criterion of the act and its consequences for the victim. With all their behavior in SYRIZA, they prove that they have not learned anything, not even when they saw the mud they spewed, politicizing criminal cases and identifying with them a faction, backfired on them. They continue down the same path of mud and vulgarity. They will walk alone. Citizens judge and compare.

Tsapanidou: We are not all the same

The press representative of SYRIZA, Popi Tsapanidou, responded to the ND, but also to the government representative Yiannis Oikonomou, saying that “we are not all the same”. In particular, Mrs. Tsapanidou stated:
“A case that has shocked us all is unacceptable and unethical to become a tool for party exploitation.
Mr. Economou forgets that SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance reacted instantly – in 15 minutes – as soon as the complaint became known.
Because we are with the victims. Always and non-negotiable.
Can New Democracy say the same?
With a history of cover-ups, she should be more frugal instead of letting her executives run wild for two days now.
We are not all the same. Therefore, let them be more careful, more measured.”