A new widening of the difference between New Democracy and SYRIZA shows the large Pulse poll for SKAI which was presented on the main news bulletin with Sia Kosionis. Now in the voting intention and with a reduction on the valid ones, the ND leads with 32 points against SYRIZA’s 25.5 points with the difference reaching 6.5 points. The difference in the poll shown on April 4 was 4 percentage points.

Based on the valid ones, the percentages received by the parties in the poll conducted between April 19 and 23 with a sample of 1,051 interviews are ND 32, SYRIZA 25.5, PASOK- Movement of Change 9.5, KKE 6, Hellenic Solution 4, MeRA25 5, National Greek Party 3, Other Party 4, while 11% of the respondents say they are undecided.

In the victory performance, the ND consistently leads with an expansion, even the difference compared to the previous survey. ND’s percentage is 56% (from 52%), SYRIZA’s 26% (from 28%). The difference between the two parties in the victory performance is 30 points.

Winning Performance

In the big SKAI poll, the question “after the elections, what would be better?” was asked. with the citizens answering that Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis would be best (38%), Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (26%), the proposal for Prime Minister Nikos Androulakis (9%), while none and nothing from the previous answers 22%, with a 5% choose “don’t know/don’t answer”.

more suitable for prime minister

Cooperation governments

To the question “if an independent government does not emerge in the coming national elections, what would be better to do?”, the respondents answer as follows:

-21% effort for a cooperation government at all costs

-37% effort for a cooperation government and if it doesn’t work, new elections

-34% new elections as soon as possible

-8% don’t know/don’t answer

Collaboration government

Regarding the composition of a cooperation government, 41% of the citizens answer an independent ND government (31%) or a cooperation government with the ND core (10%). A 30% response is an independent SYRIZA government (14%) or cooperation with the main SYRIZA government (16%). 6% of respondents say they would prefer a grand coalition government with ND-SYRIZA and other parties, while 15% say they would prefer “someone else”. 8% choose “don’t know/don’t answer”.

government we prefer

The undecided – The allocation scenarios

The poll also asked the special question to those who declared themselves undecided: “Which option are you closest to?” Again, 37% of them insisted on “don’t know/don’t answer”, 7% choose blank/void/abstain. 8% say they are closer to ND, 14% closer to SYRIZA, 3% closer to PASOK-KINAL, 5% closer to KKE, 3% closer to Hellenic Solution, 8% more close to the Greek National Party, while 15% of the undecided say “other”.

special question for undecideds

With proportional distribution of undecideds ND receives 35.5%, compared to SYRIZA’s 28.5%, PASOK-KINAL’s 11%, Hellenic Solution’s 4.5%, MERA25’s 5.5%, the Greek National Party’s 3.5%, while the smaller parties receive 4.5% %

proportional distribution of undecideds

In the first scenario of distribution of seats with a six-party parliament and 8% outside the parliament, the parties would receive:

SW: 116 seats

SYRIZA: 93 seats

PASOK-KINAL: 36 seats

KKE: 23 seats

Greek Solution: 14 seats

MeRA25: 18 seats

six-party scenario

In the same scenario with a seven-party parliament and 4.5% outside the parliament, the distribution of seats would be:

SW: 111 seats

SYRIZA: 90 seats

PASOK-KINAL: 35 seats

KKE: 22 seats

Greek Solution: 14 seats

MeRA25: 17 seats

Greeks – National Party: 11 seats

scenario seven-party parliament

In the second scenario of distribution of seats, with distribution of undecideds with the special question the electoral percentages would be:

SW: 33.5%




Greek Solution: 4.5%

MePA25: 5%

National Greek Party: 4.5%, while 7% would be received by all the smaller parties.

undecided with special question

In the second seat distribution scenario with 11.5% outside parliament and six parties inside, the seat distribution is:

ND: 114 seats

SYRIZA: 95 seats

PASOK-KINAL: 35 seats

KKE: 24 seats

Greek Solution 15 seats

MeRA25: 17 seats

second scenario six-party parliament

In the same scenario, with 7% outside parliament and a seven-party parliament, the distribution of seats is:

SW: 108 seats

SYRIZA: 90 seats

PASOK-KINAL: 34 seats

KKE: 22 seats

Greek Solution: 15 seats

MeRA25: 16 seats

Greek National Party: 15 seats

b'scenario seven-party parliament

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