In the context of a discussion with health workers in the auditorium of the Hospital “G. Born”, presented by Nikos Androulakis the proposal of PASOK-Movement of Change for the regeneration of the NSS.

“The first and basic element in a programmatic agreement for the formation of a Government after the elections will be the abolition of the provisions of the law, which undermine the National Social Security System. There is no way we can make any government agreement, if it does not have a priority for a new NHS. An NHS for all Greeks” pointed out Mr. Androulakis opening his speech, while reviewing the discrediting of the NHS he gleaned: “The subsidy for Hospitals from the state budget has decreased by 860 million euros from 2015 to today. The percentage of GDP allocated to health is below the European Union average. From 2019, the incompetence and indifference of SYRIZA was succeeded by the conscious ideological degradation of ESY by the policies of New Democracy. Mr. Mitsotakis stated that the NHS is his main priority for the next four years. How reliable is this ad? The truth is relentless for the Government: Lists of shame in the surgeries, suffering of the patients due to the tragic understaffing of the system”.

The President of PASOK-Movement for Change underlined that “according to a study by the Center for Research and Education in health policies, 15,000 permanent recruitments are needed in all specialties, in order to reach a decent level of staffing, covering also the current retirements. The recruitment of auxiliary staff made for the pandemic does not solve the problem, especially when their contracts expire in the next period. The truth is different from the government narrative: Tragic shortages in Health Centers and regional clinics, mainly in island and tourist areas. 13 regional clinics with only one doctor and 10 without a nurse. I wonder, weren’t the authorities embarrassed when the research data on the regional clinics in the Cyclades were published? When the doctor Thanasis Kontaris who returned from Sweden to serve our system was forced to resign?

“It is New Democracy’s choice to weaken the ESY and turn it into a discredited welfare system. Because when he could have radically improved the situation, using the resources of the Recovery Fund, he did not do it. It has less than 5% of the total resources, when in neighboring Italy and other countries of the South, the funding is twice as much. It is her choice when, with Article 10 of the Law of 2022, she directly undermines the National Social Security System, turning a social good into an object of speculation for private interests,” concluded Mr. Androulakis.

The 8 proposals of the PASOK-Movement of Change for the regeneration of the NSS is:

*Increasing the funding of the NHS, from the Budget so that we exceed the European average. The allocation of 8-10% of the resources of the Recovery Fund for health and social infrastructure.

*Strong and unified Primary health care system under public supervision, with well-staffed Health Centers in each Municipality and family medicine services for all, arriving at home when needed.

* Modern and functional public Hospitals, with Managements selected on merit, with announcements, tenure, criteria, continuous evaluation. With round-the-clock operation, especially in the surgical and interventional sector. With a new health map, so that we don’t have 17 Hospitals in the center of Athens and none in the populous Eastern Attica.

*Creation of modern and innovative care units outside Hospitals. Chronic disease centers, Day care units, Public rehabilitation centers.

* Covering all real gaps in the National Health Service with permanent recruitment and transparent procedures. An increase in wages with a revision of the payrolls, so that the effort of the health workers is properly remunerated and to attract personnel of high standards and qualifications. Inclusion of all sanitary facilities in the heavy-unsanitary category. And especially for young doctors, a radical reform of the system for obtaining a specialty and increasing their salaries.

*On every large island adequately staffed Hospital. Primary Care Unit with full staffing for the smaller islands and connection to the nearest Hospital. Financial incentives (such as additional fees, coverage of housing costs) to attract scientific potential and score for permanent positions in hospitals of their choice after a certain period of time.

* Support and increase of public mental health structures by integrating them into the Primary Care system.

*Abolition of the participation rate in the prescription drug market, for the vulnerable groups, the low pensioners and the unemployed, who today are particularly affected by accuracy.

Finally, Mr. Androulakis referred to claw back and the explosive problem faced by a large number of laboratory doctors and suggested that the quality criteria be financed by the recovery fund and European resources.