From Serres, where he spoke to a large number of citizens who were at the gathering of MeRA25 – Alliance for Breakup, Yanis Varoufakis first mentioned the issue of energy prices.

As Mr. Varoufakis argued, “do you know what will happen on May Day? The price per kilowatt hour will go from 0.60 to 4.60. This is thanks to the criminal company to which Mr. Mitsotakis sold DEDDIE – which also owns Thames Water, the company that has destroyed water management in England.”

At a later point in his speech, he said “we are in Serres. Bulgaria is next door, with normal taxes. How will a Greek business survive with 100% prepayment of tax and 24% VAT?”, he asked himself about the issue of citizens’ taxation. And he added, “the state’s surplus is the people’s deficit. Every euro of the surplus is a euro deprived of the Greek people and given either to the lenders or to the oligarchs in the form of a “fuel pass” type subsidy.

At the same time, G. Varoufakis said that “after Tempi, the youth know that if they don’t rise up, nothing is going to change. Our young people should not have to choose between going abroad to pursue their dreams or sacrificing them to stay. MePA25 is here to clearly say that there is an alternative: the rupture”.

During his speech, he finally expressed his joy that “we were able to respond positively to the invitation of our members to Serres and we are today in your beautiful city”.