“We were waiting for the official announcements of ELAS, about the arrests of two flagged offenders and one day after the announcement and the political exploitation of ELAS by the usual suspect Mr. Theodorikakos. Yesterday, according to his favorite tactic, the Minister of Citizen Protection, the Minister whom the opposition demanded to replace before the election, in the pre-election period, appeared, continuing the tactic of instrumentalizing and political exploitation of the Greek Police”, says the SYRIZA PS in a statement , on the occasion of the arrests of two men involved in the murder of Giorgos Karaivaz.

“As a new inspector, Callahan not only announced before the official statements of ELAS with his post the arrest of two people for the murder of Karaivaz, but demanded, with too much audacity, cynicism and arrogance, that we apologize to the Mitsotakis government and ELAS”, adds SYRIZA – PS, asking the following questions:

  1. Mr. Taki Callahan, why should we apologize?
  2. Why two years later, did you make a political announcement in the pre-election period, about the arrest of two people of the night?
  3. Why don’t you inform us, as you mention in your post, when was the last time that ELAS’s investigations were accelerated, to lead ELAS to the two arrests, within the pre-election period?
  4. Since when did ELAS know about the participation of the two flagged offenders?
  5. Why weren’t the investigations accelerated from the beginning two years ago and you had to drag the country internationally again, in order to speed up (!!!) as you mention yourself, in the last period?
  6. Apart from the two, which from ELAS announcements, it seems that they are not the only ones, what other actions did you take, as Inspector Callahan, to reveal the real culprits and principals?
  7. Why do you appear to be identified with ELAS, the policemen you have beaten for 4 years?

and they call on Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis “to put a brake on the descent of your Ministers, in the pre-election period”.

“Please let us know if the wiretapping investigations have been stepped up lately… and if they are continuing today in Greece or wherever else you are exporting your expertise, such as in Sudan.

Let us know if the investigations into the talks between Ministry officials and the Greek mafia have accelerated lately…

Please let us know if the investigations into the conversations of top ELAS officers with the Greek mafia have been accelerated lately.

Finally, let us know if the actions to convert the EYP’s newsletters into investigative material have been accelerated recently, or will you let every executive of the Greek mafia and everyone involved be acquitted for formal reasons”, emphasizes Koumoundourou.

“Inform us, now. Even in the pre-election period”, concludes SYRIZA-PS in its announcement.