The mountain village of Kentavros in the prefecture of Xanthi was visited on Sunday afternoon by the President of PASOK-Movement of Change, Nikos Androulakis.

He excitedly told the residents that he had visited their village 25 years ago when, as a student, he participated in a prefectural program to record agricultural machinery.

“I started here in Xanthi, at the university, from PASP and I am very happy that after so many years I am returning as President of the faction. The democratic faction is the one that abolished discrimination. It is the faction that fought for the respect of human rights, for the rule of law for all Greeks, without any discrimination. There is no discrimination for us on the basis of religion. All Greek citizens are equal in all villages and cities. I want you to remember that this party under Andreas Papandreou broke the bars. With Kostas Simitis, he opened the universities for everyone. We have a duty to do even more so that your living conditions will be better in the coming years,” noted Mr. Androulakis, addressing the residents.

“At the heart of politics is respect for people, the reduction of social inequalities, the separation of powers, the rule of law, respect for human rights. I want these few days left until the ballot box on May 21 to take into your hands, each and every one of you, the effort to regenerate PASOK of Andreas Papandreou, in order to make the new generation of the country stand up looking to the future with hope and perspective. If the new generation of the country does not stand up, our country will never stand up. I am sure – also here from the Centaur – that on May 21 PASOK will have a strong percentage, a percentage that will make our country change the page. Good strength and good fight for all, for all and especially for the young children, for our youth who must have an education, a perspective, a future and good jobs” said Mr. Androulakis regarding his programmatic priorities for the new generation .

Present at the speech of the President of PASOK-Movement for Change was the candidate on the State ballot Eleanna Dimitrakoudiwho comes from Kavala and represents the region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

“Next to us is Eleanna Dimitrakoudi, who just came from Brussels. He has been particularly concerned with the issues of environmental protection and biodiversity and fights for the European Socialist Party to have sustainable development policies in Europe. Development that respects our forests, our rivers, our environment and this has a special value here in the mountainous villages of the prefecture of Xanthi, because respect for the environment can bring a strong and long-term development” Mr. Androulakis emphasized.