He criticized the actions of SYRIZA the government representative and Minister of State Akis Skertsosin an interview he gave to ERT.

Mr. Skertsos spoke of “a mess in the left-wing apartment building”, in “after one of the elections” and emphasized that SYRIZA voted against the government’s moves, in order to prevent the participation of the far-right party in the elections.

“THE SYRIZA unfortunately, despite its bigoted proclamations of being a pro-democracy and anti-fascism party, it is once again a democratic exception.” Regarding the holding of the debate, he emphasized that “obviously at the right time, this debate between the two leaders can also take place. He voted against the arrangements we brought to Parliament in recent months and the improvements that were necessary within constitutional limits. And yesterday, when the relevant deadline was expiring, he did not file the memorandum that was necessary for the Kasidiaris party to be judged by the Supreme Court on whether or not it can participate in the elections. We are not talking about a political party, we are talking about a criminal organization”, he emphasized and continued:

“We have reached the end of the elections and what we see is literally a mess in the left-wing apartment building where one day they talk to us about a government of tolerance, the next day they rule us, they talk to us about a government of losers, the next day they talk about governments of winners with Dimitra, without Demeter, with banks open, with banks closed, with parallel currencies.

The desperation of SYRIZA is being transferred, they are trying to project it to Greece as well. The black in SYRIZA’s advertisements does not suit Greece”.

Referring to the possibility of the formation of a government of losers, Mr. Schertz he said: “What we’re seeing is really scary and takes us too many steps back to 2015, as if we haven’t learned anything from that disastrous summer.”

He added: “In SYRIZA “they act as if they have not learned anything, as if they do not have a government, as if they are not a responsible political force. We say we are a force of responsibility. I think that SYRIZA has not been taught anything.”

Regarding the debate, he said: “We are in favor of comparison, we are not in favor of the conflict that SYRIZA seeks. Obviously, at the right time, this debate between the two leaders can also take place.”