“The SYRIZA MP candidate Mr. Manzouranis launched an unthinkable attack on the Greek Judiciary through his statement,” says in a statement New Democracy.

He described the irrevocable conviction of Mr. Pappa by the Special Court as the “greatest shame for the Greek Justice”, while commenting on the said unanimous decision of the Justice, he stated that “when a judicial decision is made by a Ceausescu majority, then, be certain that Ceausescu’s methods have also been used”!”

“Does Mr. Tsipras agree with his parliamentary candidate? Does Mr. Manzouranis echo the views of SYRIZA on Justice? Is this how they perceive “Justice everywhere” in Koumoundourou? With attacks against it and targeting of its officials? By directly challenging a supreme Special Court whose composition was drawn by lottery from supreme judges of all judicial branches? With Polarism and Trumpism A la Greca?’ the ruling party wonders.

“Unfortunately, no matter how much they try to hide Mr. Polakis, Polakism, with the purges in the Judiciary and the targeting of judges, is at the core of SYRIZA’s ideology and this is not hidden,” concludes the ND announcement.