“I want the best possible result in the one and only ballot box, the one on May 21. I want us to win by a clear margin, I never set quantitative goals, I want in the 19 remaining days to convince our undecided fellow citizens, I want it to be so clear that it is not disputed the next day who will form a government and who will be prime minister”, pointed out Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis in an interview.

Asked about this, the prime minister confirmed that “I will absolutely respect the constitutional mandates, obviously I will also take the order to form a government, since, as everything shows, we will be the first party and depending on the election result I will evaluate my moves”.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis pointed out that “what we need today is a stable and strong government. As far as the partnership with PASOK is concerned, PASOK does not agree to the change of Article 16, it did not vote for the evaluation of public servants, we are talking about major reforms, I have not hidden that I am in favor of stable single-party governments”.

“By the end of the next 4 years, the pretension fee will be gradually abolished”

Mr. Mitsotakis, speaking at Open, repeated his commitment to better wages and referred to Alexis Tsipras’ statement that the ND abolished the 8-hour working day. “We cannot go into the pre-election period with lies,” he said.

“The main goal is to increase the average salary by 25%. The best way is more investment and a reduction in unemployment,” he said.

“Greece has the 5th lowest inflation in the EU. It’s not accurate Mitsotakis because if it was like that the problem wouldn’t exist in other countries”, he continued while saying that the Household Basket and the market pass helped.

A personal bet for the next 4 years is the upgrading of the National Health System

“Was VAT reduced on coffee? Yes Has the price been reduced? No. Not working. The end consumer does not win. It is also a financial issue and it is not effective. VAT, when we can be absolutely sure that we will have a guaranteed fiscal balance, we will gradually reduce it for everyone. EFKA is currently not in our intentions to be reduced. The opposition to say what other tax they will raise to compensate for the loss of revenue. What Mr. Tsipras says he does not dare to put a price on. They are completely inapplicable”, stated Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

“We do what we say. We will gradually abolish the application fee in the second four-year period. All our pre-election commitments were implemented,” the prime minister underlined.

“Mitsotakis did what he said and Tsipras did the opposite for what he said,” he continued and added: “bring objective professors to cost you every measure of Mr. Tsipras how much it costs.” The prime minister recalled that the government supported the citizens during the pandemic and the energy crisis. “Look at the results of the economic policy of Greece and Spain. Our trial worked,” he said.

For young people, Mr. Mitsotakis mentioned that housing and high rents are a huge problem. The prime minister referred to the “My Home” program which has received a great response and stated that he will double the resources.

He also referred to the student dormitories and said that they are being built for free housing for students, while the rent allowance for students was also increased. “We have a plan to deal with the problem,” he added.

The prime minister announced that if he is re-elected, the next cabinet will have many changes compared to the current one by including more women. He also referred to the choices on the “blue” State ballot, repeating that the ruling party did not follow the logic of choices from the star system. Referring to tonight’s thematic event on health, he emphasized again that his personal bet for the next 4 years is the upgrading of the National Health System.