An ad hoc government is a government of paralysis, the definition of non-government, pointed out Kyriakos Mitsotakis, speaking to ANT1.

Regarding the special purpose government mentioned by the president of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, the prime minister specifically said: “Shortly before the end of the pre-election period, the masks fell. When I spoke of a government of losers, this is what I meant. I could not imagine that the government of the defeated would also be a government of the desperate. I wonder if this government would also interfere with justice. He can ask for anything he wants as long as he has the majority. What he has no right to do is play the country at dice. An ad hoc government is a government of paralysis, the definition of non-government. Or maybe to put some people in jail. I remember what Mr. Polakis said. I say the same about Mr. Androulakis. Let some people think that by voting for Androulakis, Tsipras will emerge from the back door. The first party will form a government. There is a way to prevent disaster scenarios, for ND to be strong at the ballot box on Sunday, May 21.”

Answering a subsequent question about what will happen if there is no self-reliance, he answered: “Here we have not done very well in the first elections. If the ND is very strong, first and by a margin, then I believe that things will find their place and the country will be governed for the next four years with stability. I have great difficulty working with Mr. Androulakis. I believe that such a two-party government would be an unstable government that would not serve the interests of the country.”

Mr. Mitsotakis added that “what interests me is that we are clear winners. You’ll see what happens on Monday.”

And he added: “We and the voters who are close to PASOK have met many times. The PASOK voter does not see the glass completely empty and shattered as Mr. Tsipras and Mr. Androulakis do. There is a significant part of the citizens who say they will vote for PASOK and they do not have a bad opinion of me, nor of our government.”

“To discuss our one and only difference”

Kyriakos Mitsotakis also responded to the message that Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent to him through Manolis Kostidis regarding Greek-Turkish relations.

“I cannot comment on the outcome of the Turkish elections… President Erdogan has a lead. I am the first to extend a hand of friendship to Turkey to discuss our one and only difference, that of maritime zones, EEZ and continental shelf,” he said.

Furthermore, responding to the criticism of the opposition, Mr. Mitsotakis stated that “others should speak for Prespes of the Aegean”.

“I effectively managed an extremely aggressive Turkey. We know how we can manage Turkey even if it returns to revisionist logic. The elections also have a geopolitical dimension. We need a strong and stable government in our country” he pointed out.

“I cannot watch Mr. Tsipras in his vulgarity”

Referring to the attacks he receives from the opposition, the Prime Minister replied: “For 7 years, Mr. Tsipras has personally targeted me and my family. It reached new levels of black propaganda. Anyone who wants to talk about the future does not waste valuable time talking against his opponent. We didn’t make any negative spots. I prefer to talk about my program, for the next four years.”

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, speaking on the issue of surveillance, said the following: “We need a strong information service that will have those guarantees of transparency. With the interventions we recognized the mistakes and moved to correct them. Two signatures of a prosecutor and for a political person and the consent of the Speaker of the Parliament are needed. Greece is the only country that has banned illegal systems. I cannot watch Mr. Tsipras in his vulgarity. Job of Justice to assign criminal responsibilities. They have been attributed to one case. Mr. Pappas was convicted 13-0. Let those who point the finger look in the mirror. I believe that the EYP should primarily deal with external security issues. He provided me with valuable information, the Prime Minister should be the recipient. It must be under the supervision of the prime minister and the prime minister’s office.”

Regarding Tempi, Mr. Mitsotakis noted: “I regret that this issue is instrumentalized in such a way a few days before the elections. Much has changed on the railway. We have a very detailed monitoring system and we are committed to having the infamous full signaling contract completed by September. I have spoken very discreetly with several relatives of victims, I understand their anger. I believe justice moves fast. If criminal responsibilities were to arise for political figures, there is a specific procedure.”

Erdogan’s message

The desire to start a new era in Greece’s relations with Turkey was expressed by statements to Manolis Kostidis and “Kathimerini” Recep Tayyip Erdoganwhile sending a message to the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The president of Turkey, after his last pre-election rally in Ankara, specifically emphasized: “With Greece, we can put aside hostilities and rivalries, this has greatly damaged both countries and must not continue. I wish that the elections of both Greece and Turkey will be the beginning of a new era. We from Turkey send our cordial friendly greetings to Greece”.

When asked by Manolis Kostidis if he has any message or wish to send to Kyriakos Mitsotakis, he replied: “Mitsotakis must preserve these impressions and keep his words.”

The president of Turkey believes that he will win the elections and characteristically stated to “K” that “the gatherings in the squares show this, the people show this desire, you see it too”.