By Penelope Galliou

The resignation of Giorgos Katrougalos after his declarations for the reinstatement of the 20% in the insurance contributions of freelancers cast a heavy shadow on the “para one” of the ballot box and on the grand finale of Alexis Tsipras’ pre-election gathering at the Constitution.

It is no coincidence that Alexis Tsipras, from the podium of his central pre-election speech, avoided even mentioning the name of his close partner and top executive of Koumoundourou, after the uproar that was caused and he tried in a strict style to distance himself.

“I want to make it absolutely clear: The Contract of Change, which we are asking the people to ratify, binds us all to the letter. I will not and will not allow anyone to deviate even a line from this Contract. Whether consciously either unconsciously,” said Mr. Tsipras, without naming Giorgos Katrougalos.

Almost at the same time as the gathering at the Palais de Sports in Thessaloniki, Kyriakos Mitsotakis did not leave the rapid developments inside SYRIZA unoccupied after the statements of Katrougalos, which follow a series of other opinions expressed by Koumoundourou in recent days, whether they concern a possible special purpose government, whether they concern Golden Dawn voters, or the latter, the insurance contributions of the self-employed.

“Then came the icing on the cake, Mr. Katrougalos confessed. What did he tell us? That what the SYRIZA to reinstate his insurance law, with the first step being the increase to 20% of self-employed deductions. And they rushed to “delete” him.

Why; “Because he was a martyr and revealed the truth,” the prime minister emphasized and added, “However, they are still holding Pappa and Polakis. They withdrew the one who revealed the plan and are holding the rest, who have undermined the rule of law.”

In fact, Mr. Mitsotakis, on the occasion of the developments in SYRIZA, called on those who are thinking of abstaining from these elections “to get up on Sunday and go vote, because the risk of a new tax storm exists. But they will not be spared, they will stay alone again, in their miserable and dark world” he concluded referring to SYRIZA.

The fact is, however, that the statements of Giorgos Katrougalos sounded an “alarm” in Koumoundourou, who immediately requested clarifications on the statements in question given that the former Minister is not a person who causes problems for the party. He even stated from the first moment that he expressed his personal opinion, but this was not considered sufficient by Koumoundourou.

Her angry announcements had not yet come out SW and the government representative, while the reactions of the chambers and agencies followed, which weighed even more on the climate. Alexis Tsipras hastened to “put out the fire” that his former Minister had lit and through his interview with “” where he hastened to clarify that “There is no increase in contributions to the SYRIZA program.

In the program, freelancers will see changes in their lives, but the changes will be positive,” he emphasized, clearly distancing himself from Mr. Katrougalos. The president of SYRIZA then communicated with the former Minister and the domino of developments occurred almost simultaneously. The slanders of New Democracy about a “hidden agenda” are false.

The Left always speaks the language of truth. If there was a hidden agenda, would I voluntarily reveal it two days before the election?

But the damage is being done, with the instrument of the right-wing media empire. I won’t make it easy for her. After all, my involvement in politics was never done in terms of personal interest, but as an offer… I take full political responsibility for my position yesterday and declare that I am withdrawing from the electoral battle,” said Mr. Katrougalos in his post on social networks.

Withdrawal from the electoral battle which, according to SYRIZA, was a one-way street. “Anyone who deviates from the Contract of Change, whether consciously or by mistake, places himself outside the collective effort for the great change.

The Greek people on Sunday will be asked to sign the Change and Trust Contract with their vote and only this. And to judge us by its implementation,” Alexis Tsipras’ party said in a statement.

The government representative for his part commented that “what we all understood is that they were simply caught in the act and he left badly because he is a “witness”” while Dimitris Manzos argued that “SYRIZA confirms its lack of credibility, which makes it a golden sponsor of the New Democracy”.

According to Ministry of Interior circles and regarding the questions raised regarding the resignation statement of Mr. Katrougalos, sources of the Directorate of Elections stated that given the fact that the candidacy of Giorgos Katrougalos has been declared by the Supreme Court, it remains in force. Consequently, they specify that in case Mr. Katrougalos is elected, he has the right to surrender his seat.