Watch the interview of the president of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, on the show “Our Breakfast” with Fai Skordas.

In a relaxed mood, Mr. Tsipras commented on the set of the show and noted that for the first time in this pre-election period he appeared on “midday” shows, while he also sent greetings to Faye’s mom, in Kilkis, which is the… target his group, as he said with a smile.

– The elections are the celebration of Democracy, that’s how every politician should see them, I’m not afraid of the popular verdict. Contact with the world fills a person who deals with politics, when I am closed in 4 walls, I can’t stand it there. You communicate with people and understand what is troubling them. I speak at rallies from the chest, you understand if what you say gels, you test your political speech.

– I didn’t like that when you referred to Mr. Mitsotakis you were aggressive. You said he doesn’t feel, he doesn’t feel… Why? Fay Scordas asked.

– Mr. Mitsotakis and I are political rivals, we are not friends, what I have said is that he is a politician who shows, because he found things a little easier in his life, without saying that he is not a capable person, it is that he got what he we say lack of empathy. I do not believe that the state does not play a big role. Some basics like health, education, water which is a public good – you cannot privatize it. It is a public good. Where should I focus? To say “is that you the chick?” in the Greece of ’23 the confrontation is more civilized. I remember the greens and blues, we’re not at that point. We may be completely different people, but we have a political culture.

-What were you saying during the breaks in the debate?

– We were commenting on various things, he told me about the interview with Mrs. Barka, I told him, ok I copied you.

– I have only positive comments about Dionysis Savvopoulos, every person has the right to have his political opinion and to express it. It is his right to express his opinion, every person has the right to change. With some artists you feel betrayed at some point, Savvopoulos has not changed much, he was a supporter of Konstantinos Mitsotakis, if he is a friend of Kyriakos Mitsotakis to support him is a difficult moment for Mr. Mitsotakis. Only love for Mr. Savvopoulos.

-Women must find the strength to speak, said Mr. Tsipras, when asked about violence against women. But what happens after you speak? We did some things and the government of Mr. Mitsotakis continued. We built offices in the police stations so that women could speak, it was a first major reform. We have introduced into the criminal codes the concept of not needing proof of rape, but the non-consent of the victim. In the legal context the translation of no is is no. These are not enough, I think we need to strengthen the structures so that every woman feels safe. These are issues that need work. And you shape public opinion in a way. It is important to talk to your children about how they should treat another person, a girl. We have had 54 femicides in recent years. A scary number, when we said that the term should be established, they called us leftists, but it is a step to legally introduce the term.

-On marriages and adoption by same-sex couples: Greek society has taken many steps. the state cannot define who we will love, of course I am in favor. I am proud that we made the cohabitation agreement for same-sex couples, we had reactions. Now society accepted it smoothly. we also proceeded with gender identity recognition, which concerned a more specific population group.