“I am not going to put my signature on a government of chairs and power distribution, without perspective” he stated on the show “One of the South, two of Chios” on SKAI 100.3 with Vasilis Chiotis and Notis Papadopoulos the president of PASOK-KINAL, Nikos Androulakis.

At the same time, he reiterated that he is not going to accept as the leader of a possible government cooperation with persons who are corrupt and involved in scandals of global scope. He intends, as he mentioned, to discuss only persons of common acceptance and high competence.

In detail, Mr. Androulakis emphasized:

For the election campaign: It was interesting but the effect will be bigger. Unfortunately, I tried to enter the field for the economy and the welfare state, but voices and false dilemmas prevailed on the other side, which did not help the dialogue.
Mr. Mitsotakis constantly asked for the costing of our programs, but I did not see that he has costed that New Democracy program.

For the goal of PASOK: Our goal is one without commitments that will not introduce new adventures, because Mr. Mitsotakis hides what is coming because it is all his responsibility. On the other hand, Mr. Tsipras is a blur. He says one thing, Katrougalos says another. Mr. Mitsotakis leaves us 50 billion more in debt. We celebrate exports when there is a problem in production. He took from indirect taxes and gave tax relief. In 2022, 150 listed companies quadrupled their profits. They put all the burden on taxing the weak.

For Mr. Tsipras: Mr. Tsipras went so far as to call Golden Dawn for the votes. He denied it himself and then immediately came out and Barbarousis “answered” him saying that he will vote for SYRIZA. He was exposed in this way because he did not vote for the amendment that banned the killers of Fyssa and immigrants from standing in the elections. He thinks he bribed them not to vote for the amendment.

For the Mitsotakis and Tsipras governments: We will discuss with the other parties. But as we want and as the people will determine. It is not possible with what they have done in the country, having such a heavy resume to hope that PASOK will support them. It’s shocking what they’ve done in the last 8.5 years. How many unconstitutional amendments have both parties passed. They have let the NHS collapse. I say this because a strong PASOK means turning the page. It means respect for human rights.

That he should discuss with them about a government of cooperation: They know they cannot be prime ministers in a coalition government. If Tsipras and Mitsotakis are strong on Monday, toxicity and decline will continue. A strong PASOK will mean a boost to human rights and the economy. Those in front of the chair do not consider the public interest.

For whether they want to be opposition or government: Our goal is to become a government to implement our program. We are not a protest party. But I do not sign a government without a perspective.

For the person he will nominate for prime minister: They will be persons who serve the public interest and not those who have hurt the people for so many years. It will be a negotiation for persons of common acceptance. I am ready to discuss to have solutions with people who have competence, who are not drilled.

For the course of PASOK: Everyone expected that PASOK has come full circle. That is the past. In Thisio, with the people I saw, I found that the people want a strong social democracy in the country.

For the economy: We will tax wealth, specific things. Parental benefits from 400,000 euros and above, dividends. We will throw this money at new couples and de-escalate taxes on labor to avoid undeclared work. Who is Mitsotakis who says he will increase wages in the private sector by 25%? God; How does he come out and say these things? Greece will be led into a new economic adventure with them. If Mitsotakis continues the same, he will drive us to the rocks like Karamanlis. On the other hand, do we have a populism? Does Mitsotakis say ten? 15 says Tsipras.