Attack on the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, launches SYRIZA’s press representative, Popi Tsapanidou, on the occasion of what she said to SKAI: “We want to crush the strategic defaulters, but we want to give the citizen the ability to regulate. If these arrangements are made, what Mr. Tsipras says cannot be done, it would swallow the entire plan approved by the EU and fall into the void,” said the Prime Minister.

The announcement of Mrs. Tsapanidou:

“Today, Mr. Mitsotakis as a representative of the funds revealed his real plan for auctions and the middle class.

Today Mr. Mitsotakis cynically revealed the ND’s real agenda for the middle class and his plan for greater redistribution of wealth through first home auctions in order to save super profits for the funds.

He stated that he wants to “punish” and “crush” those who “hid” behind the Katseli law and saved their first residence, calling them “strategic defaulters”.

Who; The Prime Minister whose party owes 400 million euros to the banks in loans and unpaid loans.

And he characterized the PNP as “constitutional absurdity” for the protection of the first residence that SYRIZA -Progressive Alliance has ready.

Who; The Prime Minister who has passed dozens of PNPs for direct assignments and closed tenders during the pandemic.

Today, Mr. Mitsotakis showed us his true face: Dealer and representative of the funds he takes risks on their behalf. Even for the discount of the State guarantees that he himself decided, he threatened us.

And of course he pretended not to know about the tsunami of first home auctions that has already started after his decision to remove all protections.

As provocative as the image that shocked Greece a week ago, with the 80-year-old invalid in Halkidiki, who is still sleeping outside his house.

But this is the Mitsotakis plan. To bring the middle class to its knees so that his friends can win.

But Sunday is near…”